As Creative Director at BuzzFeed, I worked with brands to¬†develop new interactive integrations, live stunts, and videos that went beyond the traditional list format. I also concepted and built a bunch of fun stuff just for BuzzFeed too. Here’s a few of the things I worked on.

Seeing Eye People

We teamed up with Improv Everywhere to solve the most pressing first-world problem of our times: walking while texting. It got a million plus views, a bunch of press, and even fooled a few NYPD officers.

The Listiclock

BuzzFeed has a lot of lists. Enough to turn them into a clock. We launched The Listiclock along with PepsiNEXT as self-deprecating stunt that poked fun at how list-focused the Internet has become. It even caused the New Yorker to write a fretful meditation on the nature of man’s relation to lists.

Awkward Chatbot

Awkward Chatbot

We’ve all seen chatbots, but how many of them can accurately replicate the crushing, human awkwardness of most chats? We build Awkward Chatbot so anyone, anytime, could¬†have a painfully awkward conversation with a robot.

Who Ignored My Birthday?

Who Ignored My Birthday 2

It might feel like everyone is wishing you a happy birthday on Facebook, but have you ever thought about all the people who didn’t say anything? Who Ignored My Birthday was an easy way for anyone to log in with Facebook and see who didn’t wish them a happy birthday.


BuzzFeed is famous for its reaction badges and its love of GIFs. So we decided to combine the two with the ReactionCam, an easy way for BuzzFeed readers to capture a GIF of their own face reacting to what they just read. Launched with Starbucks’ SipFace campaign.