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I started On The Bro’d as a Tumblr, mostly becuase I thought the pun was funny. Things quickly got out of hand and within a couple months I had a book deal and found myself spending a summer translating the entirety of On The Road into bro speak.

It was the dying days of both parody books and bro jokes, so I think about fourteen people bought it. But hey, at least it’s a funny story.

An excerpt of my masterpiece:

The only bros for me are the awesome ones, the ones who are mad to chug, mad to party, mad to bone, mad to get hammered, desirous of all the chicks at Buffalo Wild Wings, the ones who never turn down a Bud Light Lime, but chug, chug, chug like fucking awesome players exploding like spiders across an Ed Hardy shirt and in the middle you see the silver skull pop and everybody goes “Awww!”

To promote the book, I also made this video: Classic Movies Subtitled For Bros

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