Mike Lacher writes and codes things on the Internet.

Operation Troll The NSA
A humorous proposal to try to jam up the United States' surveillance apparatus by having everyone make a suspicious call or email at the same time.

Right after the first wave of Edward Snowden’s revalations about the NSA, we thought it would be funny if we could jam up their scanners by sending a ton of emails with suspicious words. We threw up a page in a couple hours, and then watched with glee/horror as Anonymous latched onto our hashtag #TrollTheNSA and launched a DDoS attack against the NSA. Reporters called us and asked if they could come see where all the hackers were gathering to send the emails. Our bosses at BuzzFeed got called for comment. The head of the NSA got asked about the site and said “we are aware of it.” Interesting times!

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