I'm Mike.
I write and code things
that people like to share
on the Internet.

I code games, bots, and sites that go viral.(sigh)

Fly through the galaxy and hear how far radio broadcasts have traveled.
A tool to make any URL look suspicious and frightening.

Right now, I'm at Google Creative Lab.

Branding and launching Google's new tool that lets anyone find out how much solar energy their roof could get.
A new project from Alphabet's Verily to stop bad disease-spreading bugs with good bugs.
Google's effort to bring VR to the web for everyone to play with.

Way before that, I was a child news anchor.

Hot scoops included roller coaster openings, dog parades, and exclusive interviews with the Ohio Pork Queen.

Want to know more?

I'm a writer and a coder living in NYC. I like using technology to make fun stuff that people like to share. Currently working at Google Creative Lab.

Have an idea? Shoot me an email.
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