Mike Lacher writes and codes things on the Internet.

The Geocitiesizer
Enter the URL of any webpage and make it look like it was made by a 13 year-old in 1996.

Back in 2010, as webdesign was getting repulsively Web 2.0 with drop shadows and rounded corners and blinding sheens, I found myself missing the way the web used to look. So I hacked this together. You can enter a URL and it will show you what the page would look like if it was made on Geocities in the 90s, complete with dancing baby GIFs and MIDI verions of “Tubthumping.”

The site works by basically just downloading the target page, inserting GIFs, injecting a new stylesheet, and showing it to the user. After a few threatening legal notices, I found out that major banks without senses of humor see this a phishing attack. Whups.

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